Earlier this April, ravers in the UK were privy to one of the biggest Hardcore events of 2022 so far… Uproar – The Resurrection.

Those that know me on a personal level are well aware of the pain and frustration that I’ve endured lately by seeing the barrage of monumental events happening in our scene, knowing that I can’t witness them for myself due my current status of being bound in The United States without a passport! Nevertheless, this is a situation that I will have resolved soon, and in the median, a fellow raver who goes by the name Roundhead (who also happens to be a great hardcore DJ, I might add), has kindly provided his account of what sounds (and looks) like an amazing night had by all at The Buttermarket Superclub on April 2nd!

So without further ado, here’s what Roundhead had to say:

I felt real excitement and anticipation leading up to my first ‘all out’ rave in 14 years, with my last being in 2008 at The Custard Factory, for HTID (Hardcore Til I Die) 28.

My efforts to attend a ‘star studded’ hardcore rave have been poor of late, so this time I was ready to go nuts and show the dancefloor what I’ve been missing all these years.

The first and most obvious thing I was reminded of after entering The Buttermarket, was the clear feeling of peace, love, unity and respect. I was with two friends who had never been to a hardcore rave before, who were instantly amazed by the unity between ravers, and felt a sense of real happiness and community! Smiles, dancing, laughter… a true feeling of connection!
The very thing that has made raves what they are has clearly not been lost since my last outing, and I felt proud to be part of the scene that I have loved since I started listening to hardcore in my early teens!

The impressive clarity and thump to the sound system instantly made me happy, knowing that I was going to hear classics (and some new gems) just as they were intended to be heard!

Chris Fear and DJ C opened up the night with some great new music, most notably, a new (to me) remix of Paul Elstak’s classic, ‘Luv U More’! 

I was disappointed to find out that Scott Brown was not going to be playing his set in the main room, for a reason I still don’t know, but do I understand that sometimes circumstances out of our control can unfortunately get in the way of our plans. I was happy when DJ Scoot came on as a replacement with MC Wotsee. They smashed the set!

Then, bring on Dougal and Whizzkid, with Jenna also joining them later! Dougal and Whizzkid lit the arena (as expected) with some Essential Platinum beasts along with some newer sounding hardcore, boasting clean kicks and rolling off beat basslines! Everyone in the club was tearing the dancefloor to shreds, while Whizzkid brought everyone together with his hallmark lyrics, hype-ups, and beatboxing!

Jenna’s later introduction to the stage was well received, as she performed a live vocal set of anthems that everyone wanted to hear, like, ‘When I Close My Eyes’, ‘All The Tears I’ve Cried’, and my personal Essential Platinum favourite… ‘Through The Darkness’.

Already drenched and drowning in my own sweat, I was ready for Breeze and MC Keyes to take the stage next, with the anticipation of hearing some Raverbaby classics, amongst others! ‘Slide Away’, ‘You’re My Angel’, ‘Sure Feels Good’, and ‘See The Light’, were just some of the
bigger anthems that got dropped, along with newer vocal tracks and some thumping, bleeps, beats and bass. The whole set was a joy to experience!

By this point, I am sad to say that fourteen years without a ‘proper’ rave, and dancing to every single tune as if it were the last, had finally caught up to me. My feet were in bits and I felt like I had just done a hard four hours at the gym! Wiped out, I made an attempt to replenish my energy by leaving the rave in search of food, but ultimately, and regrettably, I was unable to return!

My aforementioned friends were able to dig deep, finding the stamina needed to see out the night with claim that the remaining hours “did not disappoint”. Sharkey was bouncing behind the decks (as always), and Seduction played a great set of Old Skool classics. Seeing Klubfiller with MC Storm was something special to behold, paying tribute to the late, great, Squad-E, with Storm showing his experience by making it a real ‘Power Hour’ to remember!


The night was epic, and I’m happy to say I will be raving again soon at the monumental Ravers Reunited x Clubland Takeover of Air in Birmingham!

I have to big up the man-like Roundhead for his testimony (which also happens to be the very first MyHardcoreLife event review), and also mention that he has accepted the challenge to put in a full shift on the dancefloor at the next event he attends! Haha

Unless you’re one of the lucky ravers that gets to experience the ‘Air Takeover’ first hand, I’m sure we’ll all be excited to hear what he has to say next!

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Thanks for reading!