Thinking back to my childhood, long before the existence of smartphones, artificial intelligence, or even the internet (as we know it, at least) I can remember looking to the future, and imagining a world filled with flying cars, time machines, and communication with alien life forms. It’s pretty safe to say that we’re not living in the Sci-Fi movie fueled fantasy that my 9 year old mind had envisioned, but here we are, in 2022… the digital age. We’re living in a time where we not only have access to an unlimited resource of information at our very fingertips, but through social media we can also enjoy the luxury of being able to communicate instantly with almost anyone, anywhere in the world; that is, until a malicious bellend decides to target you, and hacks your account!

Unfortunately, the latter applies to a beloved legend of our scene, MC Marley, who’s Twitter account was “jacked” towards the end of last year. The long time veteran, known most recently for his contributions as a key player for Geos Crew, and Raverbaby, has enjoyed a thirty year career, regularly working alongside old skool heavy hitters like Ramos, UFO, and Vibes. His hacked account, which had acquired over 4000 followers, has now been deleted meaning the artist is left with no choice but to start from scratch!

The MC has created a new Twitter account, and wants his followers back! Were you one of them? Let’s help the man out and spread to the word to get him back on top where he belongs.

Follow MC Marley now on Twitter @MarleyMCuk

As always, to wrap things up, check out this amazing set recorded from Slammin’ Vinyl featuring the Raverbaby Live PA with MC’s Marley, and Storm:


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