Ravinitis presents Aurora D’s birthday bash, a live online stream, which the DJ has selflessly announced as a fundraising event for the Meningitis Research Foundation.

Meningitis is deadly; capable of killing and seriously disabling within hours. Small children and young adults are high risk, but all ages can be affected. Globally, 1,000 people die daily. Fundraising allows the foundation to invest in research, and campaign for vaccines, while providing symptom information and support for those already affected.

It’s time to light up the world with music and give back at the same time.

Danielle Turner, a.k.a. Aurora D, invites you to join her for the party, which not only boasts a line up of legit artists, including DJC, and Rachel Vega, but also includes a raffle with prize giveaways, all in aid of raising money for a very worthy cause.


Turner has also created a JustGiving page and asks for your help to reach a £1000 goal for the charity that she holds dearest to her own heart, after they helped to save the life of her daughter. To support her on this mission, please click here.

The show kicks off on Sunday 25th April, from 12pm-9pm. Join the party at facebook.com/HardcoreAurora.