To hardcore ravers, MC Enemy is a household name. In the world of hard dance, the name Mike Enemy is one that is quickly earning a reputation for being one of the scene’s most exciting new producers, and a star on the rise. Donning a style that cleverly fuses elements of hard dance, hardstyle, and hardcore, the artist’s recipe for success is evident, with six releases already under his belt since breaking onto the scene in 2019.

The ‘Dancefloor Damager’ goes back to his roots for his seventh release, bringing fresh sounds to the popular OneSeventy label, and teaming up with his long time comrade, Stats, for their new track, Animal, which dropped today on Beatport.

A classic shot of the duo, Enemy and Static.

If the title didn’t give it away, Enemy is posturing towards a more aggressive approach with his latest work, creating a much different feel to the uplifting energy of his previous OneSeventy release, ‘Sunkissed’.

Personally, I really like the wide appeal of this track, and its versatility to crossover between genres. With a heavy influence of hardstyle elements, the organic bpm of 160 allows each sound to breathe, projecting the artists clean production quality through each layer. The bassline packs a punch which combined with the screech, blips, and just the right amount of distortion, gives the energetic bouncy foundation the type of edge that will change a happy smile to a sinister smirk in a hot second. A simple nudge to 170 bpm dramatically alters the dynamic as a whole, with the increase in tempo causing a ferocious assault of hardcore power throughout.

The main break provides a haunting Psy-esque calmness as it naturally flows towards the powerful riff of a detuned synth with a teasing of raw kicks, before a savage vocal from Stats leads an intense swell of risers to a peak, and then… well… the ANIMAL is unleashed!

It comes as no surprise that this banger is already being supported by the likes of Joey Riot and Jakka-B, with the latter featuring the track on his recent episode of Kontrast Radio.

The release is a huge leap forward, and a strong addition to the campaign of making the name Mike Enemy known throughout our world of music!

Check it now at Beatport, and make sure to snag yourself a copy. You can thank me later!

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