The classic debate between happy hardcore and UK hardcore is one that has been addressed continually over the years, with the arrival at a resolution appearing to be no less than an impossible feat. With a clear split between those who consider the genres to be one and the same, versus those in opposition to that notion, it’s safe to assume that this will continue to be a discussion between spangled ravers at after parties (and the like) for many more years to come. However, the conversation just got a little more interesting with one of DJ Entity’s latest remixes doing a fantastic job at blurring the lines of controversy.

To anyone who ever snapped a pair of glowsticks at an all-nighter in the mid 90’s, the name Dune should be instantly recognizable. The German band, founded by Oliver Froning, Jens Oettrich, and Bernd Burhoff (a.k.a. Plutone), is responsible for producing some of the most iconic happy hardcore music of all time. I’m sure I speak for many when I say that I can’t think of any other rush inspiring track that has made my spine tingle with anywhere close to the intensity that I felt when I first heard Tina Lagao’s vocal in “Can’t Stop Raving” (the Revil O Remix in particular).

Being an absolute hound for nostalgia, (especially of the hardcore variety,) my ears pricked up immediately when I got wind of DJ Entity’s remix of Dune’s happy hardcore classic, ‘Rainbow To The Stars’. After also discovering that the track has already been doing the rounds for over two months, I feel my opportunity for a casual late entrance to this party has long been missed, but nevertheless, here I am, and this is what I have to say about it…

During my initial preview I quickly learned that there is a strong likelihood that DJ Entity and myself share similar viewpoints in terms of remixing a classic. It’s very apparent that the artist’s vision was to create a modern update of the original rather than a version re-imagined. That in itself is always a huge relief to me, especially when we’re talking about anthems from the 90’s happy hardcore era.

A punchy kick and bass fires up the track for a quick 16 bar intro before an immediate break into the iconic melody of the 1996 release. If the nostalgic feels aren’t already triggered by this, the simple addition of a breakbeat seems to open up a wormhole to the glory days of happy hardcore, which allowed me to imagine my 16 year old self on the front line, amped by the rising tension, and about to lose my mind when the beat drops! Did I mention that this all happens within the first 42 seconds?

The production has a perfect balance of UK hardcore elements, along with all the key components of Dune’s original remaining firmly in tact. The melody, the vocal, the piano… it’s all there alongside Entity’s contemporary alterations and tweaks which are so subtle that they’re borderline genius.

The result is a timeless remix that wouldn’t be out of place in the old skool, or in the present day, but make no mistake… this IS happy hardcore!

Check it out for yourself now… it’s even available to download for free. Enjoy.

Dune – Rainbow To The Stars (Entity’s Back In Time Remix)

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